Time and Light photography exhibition arrives at Hope Arts Gallery

Andrea Chapman’s favorite photographs will be on display and for sale throughout August at Hope Arts Gallery as it presents ‘Time and Light’.

Chapman loves to photograph nature and landscapes, and when she’s not, she finds herself mesmerized by run-down buildings, old farm machinery, abandoned vintage cars, and anything that screams “character.”

Her passion for photography stems from her interest in watercolor painting and the need to find quality reference photos. A certified graphic designer from the University of the Fraser Valley, familiar with positive and negative space, Chapman found herself fascinated and challenged by her new medium.

As Andrea’s journey through the world of photography progressed, she was drawn to the early morning and late afternoon light and the different mood each evokes, painting landscapes with unexpected shapes, shadows, colors and moods. From birds and dragonflies in flight to landscapes, Chapman’s love of nature and fascination with light shines through his images.

She combined her love of nature and photography with cycling and writing, traveling the railroad trails and parks writing creative captions to accompany her images. Chapman enjoys sharing his journeys, hoping to elicit similar emotions and joy from his subjects in his viewer.

As her “voyage of light” continues to inspire and challenge her, she hopes others will find enjoyment in her shared explorations.

Time and Light runs August 3-28 at the Hope Arts Gallery, located at 349 Fort Street. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday.

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Andrea Chapman showcases her favorite photos in ‘Time and Light,’ an exhibition running throughout August at the Hope Arts Gallery.

Tracey L. Sweeney