The Massimo Vitali photography exhibition opens today

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One of the living Italian photographer’s most renowned works comes to Melbourne in a new exhibition presented by the IIC and MGA.

Known for his large-scale images of beaches, Massimo Vitali: Leporello 2020 features an Italian summer recovering from the effects of the pandemic. Capturing the Italians in moments of leisure during the stubborn return of summer to the beaches, Leporello 2020 reflects on the social effects of the pandemic. On his art, Vitali said; “My photography comes from absolute concrete situations but also from a deep curiosity that I have for people, for what they do and how they think.”

What do you want to know

  • Massimo Vitali: Leporello 2020 is a showcase of the work of the eminent Italian photographer
  • It is on the MGA poster as part of PHOTO 2022
  • Discover the exhibition from April 29 to May 22

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His work is purchased in Melbourne as part of PHOTO 2022 – a photography showcase which aims to revitalize Melbourne’s CBD with the work of over 100 artists featured in installations, exhibitions and walking tours. “Massimo Vitali is one of Italy’s most revered photographers, and MGA is delighted to be working to co-present this exhibition in Melbourne,” says Anouska Phizacklea, MGA Gallery Director. “As Australia’s home of photography, it is an honor and a privilege to work with international organizations and artists to introduce our audiences to photography from around the world.”

“Massimo Vitali’s photography is an open window from which one can observe in silence what is happening in Italy”, explains Angelo Gioé, director of the Italian Institute of Culture. “It’s a clear image of today’s society divided between full and empty: gatherings / loneliness, crowded beaches / isolation, concerts / deserted places. Vitali captures a time out of time and photography, then, testifies not to what has been but to what could be an eternal present.

Massimo Vitali: Leporello 2020 will be presented at the MGA. For more information, go here.

Tracey L. Sweeney