Photography exhibition featuring student work at Albrighton Library

From left to right, Councilor Sylvia Pledger, Carol Langford and student Lisa Servouse

Carol Ann Langford, who runs a photography school in Albrighton, curated the exhibition at Albrighton Library to showcase the skills and creativity of her students.

All of the photographs in the exhibit were taken by students from Ms. Langford’s Evening Classes, Master Classes, Small Group Sessions and Individual Sessions.

Filmed over the past two years, during the Covid-19 pandemic – in the breaks between closures – the exhibition hopes to reflect on the “beauty of our surroundings”.

Commenting on the exhibit, Ms Langford said: “I’m really proud of all the images in the exhibit.

“I have a mix of experienced students and beginners in photography in my classes. The photos were taken by adults and children and I don’t think you can tell who took which photo.

“Photography is a great way to get out and really ‘see’ what’s around us. The pandemic has been a terrible time, but all of the photos in the exhibit were taken within the past two years, between or after the closures.

“They show the beauty of light in cities and countryside.

“During the lockdown, students shared their photos with me and their peers via WhatsApp and Facebook – keeping connected with like-minded people and keeping busy in a difficult and often lonely time.”

The masterclasses took place in Barmouth, Birmingham, Stiperstones, Wolverhampton and Cardingmill Valley.

The aim of the sessions is to educate with an emphasis on creativity and learning ‘vision’, and the theme of the last series of evening classes was long exposure and bokeh photography.

Fne fine art prints can be purchased for £25 and the exhibition runs until March 28.

Tracey L. Sweeney