Photography exhibition – Alexia Rousse, landscape and nature photographer

Fine Art landscape and nature photographer Alexia Rousse is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, but travels to magical exotic climates to seek out and capture that singular moment that will please not only her discerning eye but her clients as well.

“My art is designed to enhance your personal space, stimulate your visual senses, and strengthen your connection to the natural world.”

“I admired nature from an early age,” she says. “And most of my early years were spent exploring the wilderness near my home and beyond.”

His love for our magical planet grew into a love for photography and a mission to share its beauty and wonders with the world.
“My passion kept growing and eventually blossomed into a love of photography and sharing the beauty and wonder of nature through my photography.”

Alexia has worked with Australian photographer Peter Lik and some of the best landscape photographers in the world over the past 11 years and is now known in
its own right to create stunning images of epic proportions.

His art can be found hanging in some of the most exquisite homes in the world. His limited edition prints are collected worldwide and are produced with the highest quality acrylic found only in the best galleries and museums around the world.

Each photographic work has incredible resolution, clarity and vibrancy and allows each print to appear backlit and holographic. Handcrafted, made to order and meticulously inspected to ensure the highest quality, shine and color brilliance that will last for years. The artwork also comes with a certificate of authenticity, each numbered and signed and is ready to hang and can immediately transform a personal or professional space.

These gallery quality prints offer a truly clean and modern look that will bring life and enhance any private residence or business. Alexia’s art is meant to enhance your personal space, stimulate your visual senses, and strengthen your connection with nature.

The sun is rising. Sunsets. Calm waters. A flowing stream. The sun breaks through the treetops. You are transported to another place and another time in these inspiring and emotionally moving images that are part of Alexia Rousse’s collection of limited edition prints.

Photographing nature in all its glory continues to be Alexia’s undying passion and it continues to bring beauty and peace to her life and is something she strives to encourage others to enjoy with her range of bespoke prints.

‘I am grateful for every day that I can share my art with other people. It is literally a dream come true”. Alexia welcomes you to her virtual gallery and is pleased to present her most recent works.

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“Nature is pure magic. It’s so breathtaking. I love him with all my being and photographing is a great honor. Forever and ever.”

Once an edition is sold out, there will never be a reprint of that particular work. Each limited edition print is numbered, signed and mounted on the highest quality acrylic and is available in 4 or 6 standard sizes: 33, 133 or 300 copies in total, worldwide.

Tracey L. Sweeney