Photographic exhibition of clicks by Dr. Ranganath KS – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

BENGALURU: It is your work that remains even after your death, they say. And we can clearly see it happening in the case of Dr Ranganath KS who died in 2021 due to Covid. The Last Poem, a photographic exhibition of Ranganath clicks, will be held at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, starting May 16. The exhibit was compiled by Ranganath’s friends and family. Ranganath was not only an award-winning photographer and artist, but also a fine art teacher.

Ranganath mainly specialized in black and white photography and preferred the analog method. Ravikumar Kashi, who is currently a teacher at Chitrakala Parishath, was also Ranganath’s classmate and is one of the show’s hosts. “We studied and grew up together. He was a very good photographer. He was into black and white photography and won numerous state awards. It will be a comprehensive exhibition on various themes and aspects of photography that he has worked on. He developed his own films,” says Kashi, adding that the technique itself is now obsolete.

Kashi adds that the show is a tribute to Ranganath and his love for photography as an art form. “He had offered his work to friends and family that we collected. He followed several themes and was also into nature and people photography. There is also an empty chair, which is a metaphor for loss. He had an unusual way of choosing his themes,” Kashi explains. This exhibition was organized by the Chitrakala Praishath Alumni Association. “We are also planning a memorial conference,” Kashi adds.

Many may remember Ranaganath as an “incredible photographer”, but to Kashi he is an old friend full of life. “He was very generous and energetic. He really pushed his students to do good work and was very proud of their work,” says Kashi.

(The Last Poem, an exhibition of photographs by Dr Ranganath KS will be on display at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Kumara Krupa Road, May 16-22)

Tracey L. Sweeney