Opening Soon – A photography exhibition presents modern metropolises through the prism of surreal architectural abstraction

A large scale abstract photograph from the Metropolis Abstracted series by Andrew Prokos

Metropolis Abstracted Photographs from the exhibition 'Andrew Prokos: New Abstraction'

Metropolis Abstracted Photographs from the exhibition Andrew Prokos: New Abstraction

Reverse photographs from the exhibition 'Andrew Prokos: New Abstraction'

Reverse photographs from the exhibition ‘Andrew Prokos: New Abstraction’

Large-scale photographs by photographer Andrew Prokos depict architecture and cityscapes in startling close-up views and mirror images

Andrew Prokos’ exhibition proposal has curators excited because it serves to expand the viewer’s perception far beyond the obvious urban and architectural views we regularly see.

— Simon Newton, Xposure Festival Director

NEW YORK, NY, USA, Feb. 1, 2022 / — The sixth annual Xposure Photography Festival in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates has announced the winners of this year’s roster of exhibitions. New York fine art photographer Andrew Prokos was among those selected for a coveted spot at the festival. His extensive solo exhibition, titled “Andrew Prokos: New Abstraction,” includes large-scale works from two award-winning photographic series “Metropolis Abstracted” and “Inverted.”

Metropolis Abstracted is a series of abstract photographs that incorporate elements of contemporary architecture found in New York and other major metropolises. Through the use of mirror images, Prokos unlocks intriguing hidden geometry found in carefully selected views and close-up details. In a recent interview with Widewalls Magazine, Prokos elaborates on his process: “Every detail is captured with the intention of forming a much more complex composition. When the image is reflected, an entirely new and inherent visual structure and language emerges. People often say that the images seem to reveal hidden symbolism, and they interpret the images in all sorts of ways. So they become a sort of Rorschach test for the viewer, which is not intentional but rather an interesting by-product of the process and its effect on the viewer.

Shot entirely in the United Arab Emirates, Prokos’ Inverted photographic series captures the futuristic towers of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah as well as more intimate interpretations of lesser-known modernist buildings. Cityscapes are rendered in a bold color palette achieved by reversing the scenes and depicting them as surreal negative images. Presented as large-scale photographs up to two meters tall, the series uses flat color fields, abstract detail and close-up views of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to stunning effect. Prokos continues: “In Inverted, the intention is to change the viewer’s perception of the mundane in order to see it in a new way. The close facades of these modernist buildings in Abu Dhabi or Dubai offer a glimpse of the life of the inhabitants. They are occupied spaces, and that humanizes the series. Often the balconies of these buildings have personal effects on them… laundry hanging out to dry, exercise bikes, rugs, strollers, etc. When viewed in the negative (inverted) realm, they take on all sorts of beautiful hues and become attractive. and enigmatic objects. It is not me who colors the scene but the opposite of our positive perception of the scene, which is beautiful in an unknown way.

Commenting on the exhibition selection process, Xposure Festival director Simon Newton explains: “Andrew Prokos’ exhibition proposal has thrilled the curators because it serves to broaden the viewer’s perception far beyond obvious urban and architectural views that we see regularly. He continues: “We had not previously shown abstract photography as a genre at the Festival, and we found Andrew’s work to deviate visually from our previous offerings, both in composition and scale.

The Xposure festival is the largest celebration of photography of its kind in the Middle East region and has quickly grown to become one of the largest in the world. It attracts renowned photographers eager to present their work to the public through exhibitions, seminars and workshops elegantly produced by the Festival. This year’s festival will take place February 9-15 at Expo Hall Sharjah in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

About photographer Andrew Prokos:
Andrew Prokos is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career spans twenty years. Known primarily for his large-scale cityscapes, architectural compositions and experimental series, his work has won top honors at the International Photography Awards in New York, the Prix de la Photographie in Paris and the annual juried competition at American Photography. Prokos’ work has been exhibited in contemporary art galleries, museums and art collections in North America, the UK, continental Europe and Asia. More of his photography can be seen at

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