New Edinburgh gallery and cafe opens with a terrific photography exhibition

A new modern multifunctional space is now open to visitors at 13-15 Ferry Road in Leith, offering lively exhibitions, coffee and a creative space to enjoy for social gatherings, work or hire.

Art gallery owners Sierra Metro took to Facebook to share the exciting news of being ready to serve fresh coffee on its premises. They said, “The coffee bar is finally open at Sierra Metro. Catch the current exhibit while you wait. Open 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays and 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. weekends.”

Following the modern ambiance, the place leaves a lot of room for inventiveness by not limiting its functions to a single objective. Sierra Metro’s website reads: “This is a creative space and gallery based in Leith. A place to gather, work and connect with exhibitions, cafe, meeting spaces work and spaces to rent, everyone is welcome.”

The venue’s current exhibition, SALVE, will run until April 3 and will feature the work of photographer David James Grinly. With over ten years of photographic experience, David’s art combines technical understanding with theoretical and philosophical insights.

Enter the gallery to explore and contemplate the work which the artist himself describes as “…theoretical rather than conceptual, theological rather than therapeutic, ethical and legal rather than logical or political, and metaphysical rather than epistemological” .

On March 6, David will give a talk on the site, reflecting on his artistic and creative approach and answering questions from guests. Promoting the event on social media, representatives from Sierra Metro said, “David will talk about his new body of work as part of SALVE, as well as the inspiration, references and meaning of his works.”

You can book to attend here.

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Tracey L. Sweeney