Inspire You to Improve Your Money Management Skills with These 7 Instagram Accounts

It’s easy to feel alone when buried in student loan debt. Social media allows you to connect with others going through the same hardships and even seek advice from those who have paid off their debt information from Ipass Loans.

We’ve compiled a list of seven financial Instagram accounts to provide you with money management advice and motivation as you work to pay off your debt.

Student loan borrower Instagram accounts

Instagram is home to many valuable accounts covering many topics connected to money and student loans. This isn’t a comprehensive list of all of the best social media accounts, but these are some of our faves.

Bae on a Dime!

Law school alumna Bae on a Budget paid off almost $70,000 in only eight months after starting her business. Using her Instagram account, she offers suggestions for side hustles that might help you earn more money to pay off your loans.

Besides her financial objectives for the year, she also informs us of her progress toward paying off the balance of her debt. In addition, she offers advice on how to save money and lower your interest rates to take control of your debt.

Finance firm Beworth

It’s no surprise to Kimberly Hamilton that she’s had to deal with student debt before. She was able to pay off $40,000 in student loan debt in only three years, thanks to a radical lifestyle shift and various side jobs.

Beworth Finance is Hamilton’s Instagram account, where she posts money management and debt-reduction advice and her favorite money management and investing tools.

Modern thriftiness

There was a total of $78,000 in debt for Jen Smith and her husband, including school loan repayments. They could pay off their debt in less than two years by adhering to a strict budget and working many side jobs.

Modern Frugality, Smith’s Instagram account, focuses on reducing your spending, staying focused on debt repayment, and negotiating your bills so that you may free up money to make more payments on your student loans.

The POHVenture

To graduate from Kansas State University, Evan Finton had to accrue $30,00 in college loans. He made a significant lifestyle shift to pay off his debt as fast as possible: he purchased a small house.

He’s now lowered his expenditures by turning his old truck into a permanent residence. Having paid off his college debts, he and his girlfriend and their two dogs are on the road. He documents his tiny-home adventures on Instagram.

As a debt-free guy, Finton might be a great source of encouragement for others struggling with their finances.

Tyler McBroom

Tyler McBroom is an Instagram financial adviser who is only one of the several options available. McBroom, a CPA, offers guidance on tax planning and preparation on his blog.

Suppose you’re searching for advice on managing your side hustle income, claiming the student loan interest tax deduction, and maximizing your tax deductions to decrease your tax bill. In that case, you should follow his Instagram account.

Investors in the White Coat

He developed The White Coat Investor to share personal financial knowledge with other healthcare professionals, a board-certified emergency physician. Student loan debt may be crippling for many medical professionals, including physicians, dentists, nurses, etc.

The White Coat Investor Instagram account is where Dahle posts budgeting advice, student debt payback success stories, and information on federal income-driven repayment plans and repayment support programs.

Wallets for the Wise Women

After earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the founder of Wise Woman Wallet owed over $53,000 in student loans, on her blog and Instagram, she documents her debt payback adventure as she relocates to China to teach English.

On her Instagram account, she posts monthly financial objectives, advice on making more money, and motivational quotations to help you remain on track with your debt reduction and financial security goals.

Where else can you turn if you owe money from your education?

You don’t have to rely just on Instagram to identify others going through the same thing as you in terms of student loan debt payments. A few alternative options for managing your debt include:

  • NSLDS: If you don’t know how many federal student loans you have, use your FSA ID to access the NSLDS. You can find out what debts you have and who is servicing them via the system.
  • In the Office of the Federal Student Aid: To learn more about income-driven repayment plans, including deferment and payment reduction options, contact the Office.
  • Students who have successfully paid off their student loans might serve as a source of motivation. These student loan payback success stories will provide you with great advice on dealing with your student loan debt.
  • Loan forgiveness and repayment aid for more than 120 different student loans are readily accessible to students. Get assistance with your debt by using our searchable database.
  • If you opt to refinance your student loans, it’s important to compare many different lenders to obtain the best deal.

Tracey L. Sweeney