Graduates selected for major photography exhibition – Swansea Bay News

Four photography graduates from University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s (UWTSD) Swansea College of Art have been selected for a major exhibition at Cardiff’s Ffotogallery, from 4 November to 17 December.

The exhibition, called Ffocws, is part of Ffotogallery’s mission to support emerging and early career artists. It seeks to survey recent graduates who have studied visual arts in Wales and provide opportunities for those who have not had formal art and creative training.

Graduates of Swansea College of Art at UWTSD in 2022, Ada Marino and Jack Winbow studied Documentary Photography and Visual Activism with BA (Hons), while Dione Jones and Laurentina Miksys studied Fine Art Photography with BA (Hons ).

Ffotogallery works in partnership with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across Wales to showcase the work of twelve brilliant artists who challenge the process, medium and application of photography. The Ffocws exhibition features the four UWTSD graduates alongside eight other photographers who all create work that inspires new interpretations and perspectives.

As well as exhibiting their work at Wales’ leading photography organisation, artists will be supported by a bespoke six-month professional development programme.

Ffotogallery thanks UWTSD for its generous support for the realization of this exhibition. The University strives to give people of all stages of education and from all walks of life access to career development and educational opportunities. Aiming to transform lives and transform education, the University takes a twin-sector approach working with businesses and partners across the country to provide better opportunities for the people of Wales and champion local talent.

Ffotogallery director Siân Addicott says: “We are really delighted to exhibit this magnificent selection of emerging talents at the Ffotogallery. The range of distinct subjects, techniques and styles on display highlights the depth of photographic creativity in Wales.

“Through Ffocws, we aim to provide essential, personalized professional support and networking opportunities to help artists on their professional journey – especially at these difficult early career stages.”

Ryan L. Moule, Head of Undergraduate Photography at UWTSD, says: “This is a wonderful opportunity for an exceptional group of recent graduates. Ada, Jack, Dione and Laurentina have distinct creative voices and their selection in this year’s Ffocws exhibition is well deserved. We look forward to seeing how their respective practices will flourish with mentorship from Ffotogallery.

Since its inception in 1978, Ffotogallery has been at the forefront of new developments in photography and lens-based media in Wales and beyond, fostering public understanding of photography and its value for the society. University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Swansea College of Art is ranked 1st in Wales and 4e in the UK for its photography programs.

(Main image: UWTSD)

Tracey L. Sweeney