Food waste-themed photography exhibition opens in Başkent

Opening of an exhibition on the theme of food waste in Başkent

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will host the “Grown to Trash” photography exhibition until February 15, to reduce food loss nationwide and prevent food waste. The photography exhibition, organized in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, to raise awareness of the fight against waste, met with citizens of the Capital at the Red Crescent Metro Art Gallery.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed projects that prioritize community and environmental health, continues its efforts to raise awareness about food waste.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which hosted the photo exhibition on the theme “Grown to be Trash” in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, at the Red Crescent Metro Art Gallery, aims to reduce food loss and waste nationwide, and to take national and global action. and aims to pass it on to future generations.


Faruk Çınkı, ABB Deputy Secretary General, Head of Health Affairs Department Seyfettin Aslan, Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department Ali Bozkurt, Deputy Representative of the United Nations Food and agriculture in Turkey, Dr. Başkent residents also showed great interest in the opening of the exhibition, which was also attended by Ayşegül Selışık and Head of European Union Harmonization Department Zeynep Özkan.

The head of the health affairs department, Seyfettin Aslan, stressed that he aims to raise awareness in society and encourage activities at all levels to prevent food waste by organizing an exhibition of 32 photographs by Austrian artist Klaus Pichler illustrating the different stages of decomposition of food products and excessive food waste. find:

“In our world where natural resources are limited and the population is expected to grow rapidly, it is our responsibility to future generations to take national and global action to reduce food loss and waste. In order to achieve this goal, all stakeholders must cooperate in a planned way. BELKA A.Ş., the subsidiary of ABB, which opened a stand here. on the other hand, established the Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology Campus, which will be a first in Turkey, and this facility was built in a total area of ​​13,400 square meters. With the slogan ‘Let’s give back to the soil what we get from the soil’, we plan to collect grass clippings from parks and gardens in Ankara in the summer, and waste fruits and vegetables in the form of vegetables in the winter, turn them into organic fertilizer by composting and reusing them in parks and gardens.


FAO Deputy Representative for Turkey, Dr Ayşegül Selışık, said: “A third of the food produced is wasted. It also has a very high cost. For this reason, we must waste less” and pointed out that they share a lot on social networks why people will not waste their food and how to avoid this waste, Zeynep Özkan, Head of the European Union Harmonization Department , provided the following information:

“We are with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in another event where the campaign “Protect the food, protect the table” which we launched in 2020 has again reached the consumer. This exhibition taking place at the metro station is really important. Because we have gone through a long preparation phase. For the first time in Turkey, we have published the action plan of the strategic plan to reduce , prevent and recycle food waste. We also broke the Guinness World Record. We heard from 790,000 people and that award went to Turkey.

Yaşar Kurçözey, who visited the exhibition, shared his impressions of the remarkable exhibition: “Protecting the land means protecting the seeds. This exhibition is very useful in terms of raising people’s awareness. I am totally against waste of any kind. Waste harms both the economy and nature of the country, as well as our own budget. I invite people to be more sensitive.

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BELKA A.Ş, one of the subsidiaries of the Metropolitan Municipality, also exhibits the chips, granules and varieties of fertilizers it produces at its own stand.

While it is planned to organize similar events periodically to raise awareness of the causes and solutions of food loss and waste, to provide training on waste prevention and reduction and to increase the level of consumer awareness , the exhibition on the theme “Protect your food, protect your table” will continue until February 15, 2022. It will be open to the public in the gallery.

Tracey L. Sweeney