Falklands War photography exhibit Everything Has Changed at Chatham Historic Dockyard

A photography exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War has opened.

Everything Changed by photographer and journalist Graham Bound launched Chatham today on the exact day in 1982 the British Government dispatched the first Royal Navy Task Force ships to engage with Argentine forces.

Argentine conscript soldiers in Stanley during the occupation of the city. Image: Graham Bound

The collection of 40 photographs provides a rare record of the invasion of Argentina, the ensuing war and its aftermath.

Graham, who was born in the Falklands, was 24 at the time and was editor of the Port Stanley newspaper, but under the occupation publication ceased so he began recording what was happening in occupied Stanley .

For a few days he was able to walk around freely with his camera gear, but as the intensity of the conflict increased he was forced to take photos with much more care, often from inside buildings.

Almost 40 years later, Graham has worked with a photo gallery to digitize and restore faded prints and produce new ones from negatives that had never been printed before.

He said: “Some of the images aren’t particularly pleasing to the eye. Interesting, yes, but not pleasing. Thankfully, the darker reality lurks in the deep black shadow of the monochrome prints.

It will be presented at the Chatham shipyard.  Photo: Steve Crispe
It will be presented at the Chatham shipyard. Photo: Steve Crispe

“But in some photos, the light falls on the faces and eyes of the men and you can see their emotions: despair, pride, exhaustion, determination and fear.

“Some of my once delisted photos are now the most spectacular in the exhibition.

“I hope these photographs will remind people of the dramatic and dangerous days of 1982.”

The exhibition is open until June 14. Admission is included with an admission ticket to The Historic Dockyard Chatham.

The dockyard later played a direct role in the war, providing support to the Royal Navy and also housed frigates ready to replace warships assigned to the Falklands Task Force.

The museum also hosts a digital exhibit featuring voice recordings and focusing on the personal stories of those who lived through the conflict either on active duty or at home in Medway.

Tracey L. Sweeney