#BRexclusive. On Your Christmas List: Photographic Art with Anca Duse

For this Christmas, Business Review has launched a list of Romanian entrepreneurs and companies offering Christmas packages and gifts. Business Review spoke to Anca Duse – founder of AncaDuse.com, a creative photography company, which recreates different scenes in miniature – now photographed for the 2022 calendar and diary.

How do you describe your work to someone who knows nothing about your offerings?

My work is best described by customer reviews. Most of them find my concept photography to create a colorful Alice in Wonderland feeling, bringing inspiration and a “wow” factor for the eyes.

I started this “miniature” project in 2020, during the March lockdown, with the aim of documenting how my old life as a traveler suddenly changed. Thus, I replaced large spaces with miniature worlds, seeking beauty even in uncertain times. Each photographic project is unique and made from flowers, fruits and other very familiar objects. The character is only there to remind how incredible this world still is.

After a while I wanted to give a physical dimension to my work and started producing fine art prints, spruce calendars and creative notebooks based on my photographic creation.

Why choose a tailor-made gift (or a careful selection) for Christmas? Why yours?

I honestly believe that I have to stay in line for people’s choice because there are so many well-established creators and artists doing amazing and curated work.

Choosing a custom preset means, in my opinion, that you care a little more about the person receiving it and your role in the community.

Usually, a bespoke gift is made by a local designer, in a limited number of copies (even unique pieces) and often with a lot of work. In the end, besides the object, there are two dimensions: the present emotion that is created and, from a more down-to-earth point of view, the economic circle that is closing. Choosing to buy from a local designer is supporting a small business.

How did you prepare for this festive period? Do you expect an increase in sales?

We are going through difficult times where planning is almost impossible. It’s more about adapting and reacting quickly with hopefully inspired business decisions. Yes, I expect an increase in sales as I have diversified the product selection in my ancaduse.com store. Now people can choose to invest in a wider selection of fine art prints, framed prints, calendars, and notebooks if something appeals to them.

What is the most important lesson you learned while creating your product?

Come to think of it, there are a few lessons I’ve learned in a year and a half of self-reliance and starting my creative business, but most important is the relationship you build with people. I am grateful to be able to bring a drop of color and inspiration into the lives of others and to have a path to follow. The rest of the circle closed naturally, but not without effort and hard work, I must say. At least in my case.

Tracey L. Sweeney