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The idea was to creatively capture influential local talent. In fact, the photo campaign incorporated elements from the Journey Together Ramadan campaign highlighting “the compass as a symbol representing one’s inner compass which signifies grounding and the direction in which the family is guided by their shared values. The Bukhoor function represents hospitality and nostalgic memories through fragrance.

As part of the campaign and exhibit, Lughass and Omar Sha3 photographed Palestinian-Syrian model Lana Al Beik, Sudanese fashion influencer and creative director Korrii, Emirati signee and content creator Mohammed Alahbabi, and Saudi content creator and student Rafal Habib.

“In a rapidly changing society such as today’s, it is a great joy and an experience to immerse ourselves in our heritage and our beliefs. Incorporating those same cultural principles and elements that we were raised on into our own modernized version of the art is something that has been a great demonstration of how far we have come in our journey. I am honored to be part of this collaboration by exhibiting my work with Bloomingdale’s,” Lughass commented.

Omar Sha3 said: “Very happy to be part of this exhibition, and I love that it gave me and my friends the chance to take pictures in the surreal nature of the United Arab Emirates in l honor of the holy month.”

Palestinian-Syrian model Lana Al Beik added, “Growing up, I always used to link the smell of bukhoor to special occasions. Bukhoor resonates in my roots and reminds me of all the beautiful memories of my childhood. Being able to celebrate this through Bloomingdale’s Ramadan exhibit has been a nostalgic trip.

Other attendees had equally strong feelings about the event.

“Family ties to me are unbreakable ties, and for me to be able to be a part of this special exhibit with someone so dear to my heart, my nephew, means the world to me. Bloomingdale’s has given us the opportunity to celebrate our culture with the people we love the most,” said Mohammed Alahbabi.

Korrii, a Sudanese fashion influencer and creative director, was equally excited to be part of the event. She concluded: “Being the youngest of a large Sudanese family, I have always looked up to my older siblings. My sister played a huge role in the person I am today, with her unconditional love and support growing up. Being able to share this experience with her through Bloomingdale’s means everything to me.”

Tracey L. Sweeney