A photographic exhibition taken by people experiencing homelessness in Manchester

The launch on Saturday July 9 is RESIDENCEa photography exhibition at Manchester Cathedral featuring photographs taken by homeless people in Manchester.

The association behind the project, street people, will open a series of city-wide exhibitions to showcase the lived experiences of homelessness in Manchester. In June, 15 people took part in a photography and storytelling course, and now their work will be shown across the city, with the flagship exhibition being held at Manchester Cathedral until Sunday July 17.

The purpose of the exhibition is to educate and inform the public about the housing emergency in Manchester, and the case of the Housing First pilot project in Greater Manchester – a new, innovative approach to tackling homelessness, while personifying and humanizing the people at its center.

People of the Streets’ mission is to put human stories at the heart of the public conversation about homelessness, a topic that is often talked about but seldom spoken about by those who experience it. As such, they work with people experiencing homelessness to build their confidence, develop their talents and amplify their voice.

For HOME, People of the Streets asked a range of experienced photographers from Manchester to help teach people the skills, one of which was @manc_wanderer who said on Instagram: “It was an honor to be asked to join the team as a photography manager and give sessions to homeless people. I enjoyed the challenge of creating the content for the course , but the real privilege was meeting these wonderful people who all have different stories to tell.We wanted those stories to be reflected in the photos so that they show what “home” means to each person.

You can imagine my delight when I saw the first photos we developed and they turned out fantastic – I hope you enjoy seeing them at the exhibition which runs until July 17”


by People of the street

Date: Saturday July 9 – Sunday July 17 // Thursday July 21 – Saturday July 23
Location: Manchester Cathedral and Royal Exchange // Ashton Metrolink Station
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Tracey L. Sweeney